services & SMALL GROUPS



Our main Sunday gatherings are full of fun and faith. We meet for informal worship led by a band, and we love to dig deeper into the Bible and prayer together. Each week has exciting stuff for kids and space for young people to grow in faith together. There is always plenty of coffee and croissants on the side too! On the first Sunday of each month everyone is invited to share communion, and on the second Sunday we have an all-in family service.




Soul Food Wednesday 7:45pm


Not sure where to start? Every Wednesday night we have an open table meal. We invite everyone to bring and share something - it could be a dessert or a story that inspire them.


Heart & Soul Sundays 7:30pm


A space to delve into the story of Jesus, as told through the Bible and through the Spirit speaking into our lives.


Neighbour Meals


We encourage all our members to get into a rhythm of shared meals every two weeks. Once to pray with people from the church community who live near you, and once to invite your neighbours to share life with you.


Make Time Thursdays 7:30pm


A gathering for women to share life, make crafts and have fun together.


Connect Group Wednesdays 10am


Every fortnight we have a small group with time for inspiration and prayer in our lounge here at the community centre.





We encourage everyone in our community to join the life of our church by praying for people, supporting the mission and ministry by giving and by serving others by helping out and using our gifts and talents. Please see our program for when our prayer meetings are, or email [email protected] to find out how you can get more involved.



As a community we find life, hope and freedom in Jesus. It might sound strange at first to get all of that from a rabbi who lived 2,000 years ago! We believe he is the image of the invisible God, who came to the earth to show us who God is and what God is like. In Jesus we have found that God is love. He knows each of us, and wants to have a living friendship with us. He has seen every thing we are, and he gave up his life that we could be free from all of our mistakes and regrets. He also shares with us a hope for the future, shown in the way that he raised to life after dying on a cross. The more we learn about Jesus, and the more we put into practice his way of living, the more we realise that what he gives us is life to the full. A life following in his footsteps is a life shaped by grace and peace, as we love God and love our neighbours in response to how Jesus loves us.




A church is a community of people who help each other to experience and express the love of God.


Mill Hill East Church is a free church, part of the Baptist Union and the United Reformed Church . This means we believe that God speaks to and through anyone. We can all learn from the Bible, hear from the Spirit and help each other grow as we follow Jesus. All of our decisions are made when we meet together, and all of our programs and finances come from a local, grass roots level. As a church we try and represent Jesus by being adventurous in mission, empowered by the Spirit, inviting to everyone, rooted in the scriptures and shaped by our love for people.


We have three groups which our church members can join to help our church and our community to grow. These are the vision & mission, discipleship & pastoral and structure & strategy groups. All of these groups work with the co-ordination team and church members meeting to serve and shape what we do.


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